SteelSeries SIBERIA V2 - for gaming virtuosos

It will not be an exaggeration to say that SIBERIA v2 is one of the best products of the Danish gaming software company SteelSeries. Even the most respected opponents will be envious about the prestigious list of credibility awards of this headset: PC Gamer –five-star reviews and editor choice ratings; The Game Fanatics – Top product rating; PC Format – Gold rating; Hardware Heaven – Gold rating; The Urban Shogun – Gold rating, etc. Along with other prizes, SIBERIA v2 headset has been awarded with 52 GRAMMY awards.


How special this titled headset is? SIBERIA v2 is a new and improved version of the most sold SIBERIA Fullsize model. First, the retractable microphone, probably the most important accessory of computer gaming fans, is included in the list of updates. From now on, this unit is neatly concealed in the headset.


SIBERIA v2 has a broad range of frequencies, ranging from 10 to 28,000 hertz. Such frequency range will be sufficient not only for playing games of different genres, but also for listening music. Without a doubt, this headset provides consumers with the highest sound quality at any living conditions.


SIBERIA v2 headset is equipped with 50-millimeter repeaters (previously 40 mm); there is a significant increase in ear pads of this headset (made of genuine leather); and improved passive external sound attenuation. SIBERIA v2 sound pressure level (SPL) is as high as 112 decibels.


Do you want to stand out from the huge number of consumers who only like white or black headset? Then choose red, blue, orange, or other colours SIBERIA v2 headset.


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